Pressurized 150 l computer controlled solar water heater with adjustable tubes and supports Nippon PS 150E

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EUR 420-450 / Pieces | 1 Piece/Pieces (Min. Order)
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Quick Details
Evacuated Tube
Circulation Type:
Direct / Open Loop (Active)
Heating System:
Thermosyphon (Passive)
Connection Type:
Housing Material:
Stainless Steel
Place of Origin:
China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
Model Number:
PS 150 E
Computer control:
Packaging & Delivery
Lead Time :
1 week

- Inner tank: made of 0.5mm stainless steel

- The tubes and supports are adjustable

- Capacity: 150 l

- Inteligent Computer control

- Isollation: Polyurethane foam - 55 mm

- Cover: Galvanized steel - 0.4 mm

- Stand: Galvanized steel - 1.5 mm
- max power of the pipe heater: 500 W

- max power of the pomp: 500 W

- max power of the water heater: 2000 W



  • assemble the stand
  • put the tank
  • put the reflectors
  • put the pipes (the vacuum pipes do not have to be exposed to direct sun light, before you connect it with the water system)
  • connect the tank
  • connect with the water system
  • connect with the controller



Pressure Solar Systems

Unlike the non-pressure (open) systems, for the pressure solar systems it is not required the water tank to be located higher than the mixing batteries. The pressure in the boiler is the same as the one in the water supply system thus the circulation of the hot water runs undisturbed. As a result the system could be installed on a random location suitably lighted by the Sun. Another important advantage of the pressure solar systems is that they are provided with the so called “heat pipes”. Unlike the non-pressure systems in case of damage of the vacuum pipe the pressure solar system continues to function adequately with a minimal loss of efficiency. With this model the solar collector and the water tank are connected in one body.



Water Tank

The water tan is made of stainless steel. For maximum insulation the water tank is coated with 50 mm polyurethane foam which has outstanding parameters and guarantees effective conservation of the hot water for a long time. The capacity of the different models varies from 150 to 500 litres.




Vacuum Pipes – Aesthetic Design and High Efficiency

The “heat pipes” are a complex of two concentrically located glass pipes and vacuum in between. The surface of the inner pipe is coated with a selective layer which allows maximum absorption of the solar rays, minimal heat loss and high efficiency. In the centre of the Heat Pipe there is a hollow copper pipe consisting of a fluid which starts to boil when the heat reaches 40 degrees. When the fluid starts boiling the formed steam raises the heat up the pipe and the top of the pipe carries it to the water in the water tank. This thermo-exchange method works also in winter conditions as it starts at a very low water boiling temperature and the vacuum pipes can maintain a positive temperature of all the participating elements. The efficiency of the pipes is minimum 15 years and they resist to hailstorms with measure of the hailstones of up to of 25 mm.



Metal Construction

The construction is made of 1.2 mm thick galvanized steel which is powder coated and is adjusted for installation on a flat roof as it provides 45 degrees grade of the pipes. When assembled correctly it provides optimal lighting of the vacuum pipes and heating of the water. It is exceptionally easy to assemble and install. The surface is resilient in rough weather conditions and guarantees long life.










In cases when additional water heating is needed an electrical 1500 W heater is added provided with a built-in thermal protection.








Computer Control Navigation

In order to achieve maximum comfort and safety there is a computer navigation system provided alongside with the Nippon solar system set, which allows full control over your solar system. By the means of it you can watch and control the level and the temperature of water. One of the control options which is of exceptional importance is that you can switch on and off the additional heater at different hours of the day which provides hot water at any time notwithstanding the weather conditions.